A great starting point for your holiday



Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, La Granica is an ideal base for your sightseeing trips in the region. You'll also find all the peace and quiet you need to escape from the usual pressures of life.



The benefits of our location at a glance

  • "get away from it all" tranquility
  • variety of landscapes to explore, from the Alps to the Italian Riviera, the lakes and the rolling vineyards, historic cities all within easy reach.
  • plenty of cultural and leisure activities for the whole family
  • great choice of restaurants and eating places nearby

Any questions about our guest house? Let us provide you with the latest information!

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Contact Details

Mark Langley

Reg, Mulino Vecchio, 5


14044 AT

Feel free to call us on:

+39 0141 739105+39 0141 739105

+44 7947 300204



The Airports that best serve us are:

Milan-Malpensa, 120km

Milan-Linate, 120km

Turin, 80km

Genoa, 80km

Your vehicle or smartphone  satellite navigation App can also find us at
Longitude - E8:25:10
Latitude - N44:44:32