Cascina Mulino Vecchio 





Cascina Mulino Vecchio was originally built as a grain store for the water mill of the village that used to be situated a little upstream on the creek that still flows through the farm today, and so taking the obvious name of "Old Mill Farm".  It was built around the turn of the 18th century and is typical of this style of Monferrato farmhouse.  In 2005 a major redevelopment program completely re-built a large section off the cascina transforming it into purpose built accomodation designed for modern living.  With high regard for reducing the estate's carbon footprint we took this opportunily to incorporate many energy saving products including double glazing.  Moreover, solar panels were installed that produce our annual electricity consumption.  The name "La Granica" is most closely translated in English as "the grange" coming from medieval Anglo-Franco "graunge", from the Medievel Latin "granica" (villa) and Latin "granum" grain and is appropriate because La Granica not only offers holiday accommodation it remains a working farm sitting in 7 hectares of it's own land.

The farm manages meadows and woods filled with poplar, acacia, mulberry and fruit trees and of course our own vineyards. The vineyards which have been completely renovated with new vines are now producing full yields of Barbera and Moscato grapes. Currently the harvest – "vendemmia" - is taken to the "Cantina Sociale di Fontanile" where they go to produce Barbera d'Asti and Moscato d'Asti "DOCG" wines. The Cantina is fortunate to lie within many DOC zones and so also produces several other wine varieties which our guests are invited to go along and try. The renovated vineyards are classified under the status of 'eco friendly' and have yields of consistently high quality due to our local topography, geology, ground water supply and micro-climate.

Situated in one of our far meadows are bee-hives which are managed by friends and who produce Organic Acacia Honey from the acacia rich woodland around us and which is available on request

We are very lucky to have our own natural spring which supplies all of the property's water.  It is passed through a water treatment and filtering system on-site to make sure the water is pure and so we have fantastic high quality mineral water straight from the tap.

We are also a smoke free environment, which means that we don’t allow smoking anywhere on the property.