Where we are



Using the location details from the adjacent panel your smartphone or in-car satellite navigation system should get you here from where-ever you started your journey.  However, sometimes these applications fail to show accurately the last kilometer or so and some guests find themselves arriving in the center of Fontanile not knowing where to go next.  Click on the link below to refer to or print off the road directions from the main points of entry into the region such as from the airports as well as from Fontanile !

Contact Details

Mark Langley

Reg, Mulino Vecchio, 5


14044 AT

Feel free to call us on:

+39 0141 739105+39 0141 739105

+44 7947 300204



The Airports that best serve us are:

Milan-Malpensa, 120km

Milan-Linate, 120km

Turin, 80km

Genoa, 80km

Your vehicle or smartphone  satellite navigation App can also find us at
Longitude - E8:25:10
Latitude - N44:44:32